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Listen to our Radio Commercial in DFW

Listen to our
Radio Commercial
in DFW

Tree Trimming Service Companies in Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Mckinney, Allen, Carrollton, Lewisville, Coppell & other North DFW Areas

When looking for a cost effective tree trimming service in North DFW, what qualifications should a customer look for?

  • Cheapest tree trimming company
  • A company near me
  • Offers payment plans for tree trimming and sod replacement
  • A company that has an arborist on staff or someone with a degree in horticulture or turfgrass science
  • A service with liability insurance or that is bonded
  • Guys with a chainsaw
  • Guys with proper safety equipment
  • Tree removal service
  • Stump grinding service

At DFW Gardening & Landscaping LLC, we offer all but one of the listed services above to homeowners in Plano, Allen, Dallas, Mckinney, Richardson, Coppell, Grapevine, Frisco and most other areas in north DFW. That said, we are a business and we simply can't compete with solo workers or day laborers; if you think they offer a similar quality and service to us we won't argue, go hire them 🙂 But if you you would rather hire a reputable tree trimming service like ours, and you need a monthly payment plan set up to help you with a portion of the balance then we can absolutely help you with this!

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Oak Tree Trimming as Part of Massive Landscape Rehab Project in Dallas

When you are ready to get an instant estimate for your tree trimming service please email or text us pictures of the tree(s) to be serviced. In order to get the proper scale of the project we will need you to back up at least 20-30 yards from the tree (this means going across the street or into neighbor's yards) and take a picture of tree and the entire surrounding area, with the house in the background. Please note: some customers still do not give us good pictures, yet expect an instant quote. If the pictures don't show us good enough scale then we can't given an instant quote. We will then have to come to your home when we are in the area, take measurements and give a traditional quote.