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When is the best time apply pre-emergent in Dallas & North Texas?

When is the best time to apply pre-emergent to your grass in the Dallas and North Texas areas? Now.

In a normal winter year it would be applied in the 2nd-3rd week of February. But since we have had a more mild winter in 2019-2020 it could have been applied the 1st week in February.

Remember this: pre-emergent is not just for Spring. If you do not overseed with winter ryegrass (which we love and highly recommend doing) then you should also put down pre-emergent in September/October to knock out winter weeds like poa annua and that other ugly, yellow annual ryegrass.

It is also important to mix up the brand of pre-emergent you use every couple of years. Weeds can become immune to "medicine" just like viruses and bacteria can in humans. That does not mean you need to stop using your favorite pre-emergent forever, just rotate something else in every few years.

Please check back for future tips on Gardening & Landscaping in the DFW area, and submit any questions you might have. Thanks!

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