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Listen to our Radio Commercial in DFW

Listen to our
Radio Commercial
in DFW

Landscape Rehab & Landscaping Design Companies Dallas & North DFW

One of our biggest specialties at DFW Gardening & Landscaping is type of landscaping design we call landscape rehab. This is where we go into poor looking properties, redesign them, demo them and put in brand new landscapes. While we do get calls from existing home owners looking to beautify their landscapes for themselves, most our calls come from home sellers getting ready to move. And this makes sense, as this is when the majority of people are most motivated to clean up their property. 

Sometimes we hear people say that we are kind of in the "home-flipper" space, and this might be partially true. Though the one thing we won't do that some home-flippers will do is cover up big warts by throwing some sod on top of it (or equivalent to the inside of the house putting paint on rotted wood or molded sheet rock). If we are going to work on a project we are going to do the highest quality work so the new home owners don't end up with a landscape that dies on them 12-months later. Making money is important to all of us but it is not worth potential damage to our reputation to take on bad projects from any unethical sellers/flippers (which people like this are not the majority, but we've ran into a few). 

If you want a quick description about how our landscape rehab program works please click on this link to hear the 30-second radio commercial we aired on 100.3 Jack FM:


Listed below are some pictures from a massive landscape rehab design project we recently completed in far north Dallas.


Before (& during) the Dallas Landscaping Design Rehab Project

After Completion of the Dallas Landscaping Rehab Project